Ana currently specialises in commissioned works, and also offers portraiture, business promo photos & restoration services. Editioned prints & artworks from her collection are also on sale.

If you would like to hire Ana for your next creative project, or would like to purchase an editioned print or artwork from her collection - you can contact Ana directly at ana@anakapodistria.com


Ana Kapodistria is a photo-based artist born in Canada (b. 1986) and of Greek heritage. Her landscapes are charged by human presence and exploration, expressing sensation and synthesis into the natural world. In her latest project, mythological portraits explore the psychological underpinnings of our socially fabricated identities - as they metamorphose and are retold, in an ever-evolving shore of human witness and expectation.

Ana additionally works with video, sculpture, kinetic art, and installation. She is a graduate of Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts (B.F.A.) and The University of Edinburgh (M.F.A.). She has exhibited and been published internationally.